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Shopping: Calendar/Kalender

There are people who think that it makes happy and even healthy to go shopping. Ever heard of retail therapy? :-)

Well, this is my retail therapy: Buying a very cute calender for my very special 2010! And this calendar is made by: smil. You can get it, too. On dawanda.

Mein Lieblingskalender fürs nächste Jahr (wobei ich als eigentlich komplett virtuelle Person gar keine nicht-elektronischen Kalender mag – aber dieser ist eben eine Ausnahme :-) ) ist von: smil. Könnt Ihr auch haben – bei dawanda.…


Let the kids sew something cool / Jetzt sind die Kinder dran: Cooles Selbstgenähtes

Today my 5 years old son wanted to sew his own monster – and he had so much fun doing it: You really should try that with your child too (and I think even 4 years old kids are able to do it).

My son started with a sketch of his monster. You can just use this sketch a the pattern for the monster or scan it and enlarge the sketch to get a pattern in a good size.

Then you cut out the pattern, pin it on the fabric, cut out the fabric, pin together the front and back …