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New in Town!

I’m working on new RevoluzZza dolls lately – and I wanna show you the latest sketches.

They don’t even have names so far – but I know that they are living in my new garden (as I recently moved to a house with a huge garden) and instead of long and thin legs and arms: they are chubby with short legs and arms.

… and I already love them. Can’t wait to sew them when I’m back at work after the weekend!
Do you like them, too?

Veröffentlicht am 4 Kommentare

4 Gedanken zu „New in Town!

  1. Oh they look very cute. Can´t wait to see them when you made them.I hope, there will be an e-book :-). Best wishes and have a nice weekend.

  2. Please please make a pattern for these!

  3. These will look adorable when you make them up, the sketches are so cute too. I hope you will offer a pattern for these someday. Cynthia

  4. […] you remember my sketches for a new doll I showed in my blog […]

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