Working on…


… a new doll – a flower fairy – inspired by two dolls I made some years ago: Emmi Nilsdotter and Lale, the tulip girl.

I want to show you how long it takes and how many thoughts and sketches I spent on each of my dolls. And maybe you like to create your own special doll, too?

I think this doll shouldn’t have fixed clothes but should be almost naked (with cute little panties) with many, many beautiful dresses and skirts and blouses…


Not sure whether the hair is the blossom-head-part… or whether she should have hair plus an blossom…

She doesn’t even have a name so far – do you have a nice name for her?

2 Antworten auf “Working on…”

  1. Hi Suse,
    I’m partial to the design on the left with the tulip head and no hair. The pointy shoes and the leafy neckline are also wonderful. Thanks for sharing part of your design process. It’s always so great to see how other people work. I’m currently working on a few dolls that have removable clothes. Should be interesting!

  2. She’s so adorable! What talent. I haven’t visited your blog in a while, but it looks lovely.

    A name? Delila? Madeline? Talulah?

    So fun seeing your design process!

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