RevoluzZzionary Spring Colors

One of the new revoluzZzaionary things this year will be that I’m going to find special colors for the different seasons which will dominate my collection of creations and clothes (yes, clothes – you will find more about that soon. Stay tuned). And for spring I tried a lot, combined many colors, looked over many, many fabrics… and finally I went for my first color combination:


It’s yellow, red and aqua/turquoise/light blue.
I never liked yellow very much – and that’s exactly the reason why I chose this color first and tried to find a combination which made me like it. And that’s exactly what happened. Together with red and turquoise – I really, really like yellow.

So, stay tuned and expect many yellow, red and turquoise things soon :-)

And by the way: You find those cute buttons of mine on dawanda!

Lost-and-Found-Buttons: The Fall and Winter-Edition / Die Herbst- und Winter-Ausgabe

When we were at the trade fair “modell-hobby-spiel” in Leipzig we realized again how really good Lost-and-found-Buttons are – constantly we heard from the speakers „The little Mia is looking for her parents“ – „Little Tom got lost, he wears a blue shirt and black pants“ and so on.

So: Here are some more Lost-and-found-buttons: The fall and winter edition.


Als wir letztens auf der „modell-hobby-spiel“-Messe in Leipzig waren, klang es ständig durch die Lautsprecher: „Doe kleine Mia sucht ihre Eltern“ – „Der kleine Tom wird gesucht, er trägt einen blauen Pulli und schwarze Hosen“ usw. – und uns wurde wieder bewusst, wie praktisch die Buttons sind.

Drum gibt’s jetzt auch noch die Herbst- und Winter-Edition.

Get them >>> here!

Bekommt Ihr >>> hier!

And – if you have a special wish concerning the design or the inscription: Just let me know.

Und – falls Ihr spezielle Design- oder Aufschrift-Wünsche habt: Lasst es mich wissen.


It happened last weekend: We were on a festival and suddenly one child just vanished. Fortunately it appeared again after a short time – but I thought: We really need Lost-and-Found-Buttons with our mobile phone number and the child’s name on it.
And those Lost-and-Found-Buttons has to be that cool that the kids like to wear them.

So: Are they cool enough? :-)
Get them!

Erst am letzten Wochenende passierte es: Wir waren auf einem großen Kinderfest und ganz plötzlich war ein Kind im Getümmel verschwunden. Zum Glück nur ganz kurz – aber trotzdem dachte ich: Jetzt brauchen wir endlich Lost-and-Found-Buttons, auf denen unsere Handy-Nummer und der Name des Kindes steht.
Und zwar welche, die cool genug sind, dass die Kinder sie auch gerne tragen.

Und? Cool genug? :-)
Kannste haben!