RevoluzZzionary Spring Colors

One of the new revoluzZzaionary things this year will be that I’m going to find special colors for the different seasons which will dominate my collection of creations and clothes (yes, clothes – you will find more about that soon. Stay tuned). And for spring I tried a lot, combined many colors, looked over many, many fabrics… and finally I went for my first color combination:


It’s yellow, red and aqua/turquoise/light blue.
I never liked yellow very much – and that’s exactly the reason why I chose this color first and tried to find a combination which made me like it. And that’s exactly what happened. Together with red and turquoise – I really, really like yellow.

So, stay tuned and expect many yellow, red and turquoise things soon :-)

And by the way: You find those cute buttons of mine on dawanda!

3 Antworten auf “RevoluzZzionary Spring Colors”

  1. Steffi Rehländer 9. Januar 2009 um 17:54 Uhr

    schöööön.. sehr schön! … die farbkombi finde ich klasse.

    i definately will stay tuned;o)

  2. Oh ja, das kenne ich. Gelb gehört auch nicht zu meinen Lieblingsfarben.. um so mehr bin ich von Deiner gelungen Zusammenstellung überrascht und begeistert. Wirklich klasse. Da bin ich mal auf die fertigen Buttons bei Dawanda gespannt.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hallo, habe gerade gesehen, dass es Deine Monster buttons bei Dawanda leider nicht mehr gibt… wirst Du nochmal neue machen?? LG, Andrea

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