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New revoluzZionary designs for the Lost-and-found safety buttons

They are without any doubt a RevoluzZza bestseller:


And now parents, grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and whoever is buying the lost-and-found safety buttons will have it much harder to make a decision: Because now you have to chose between 46 different designs.


Well – I guess, this time everyone should find his favorite design :-)

Have fun!

Get them on dawanda.

Posted on 6 Kommentare

6 Gedanken zu „New revoluzZionary designs for the Lost-and-found safety buttons

  1. Das Eichhörnchen und das Rotkäppchen sind entzückend ;-)!

  2. Great idea!!! I will get some soon… just need to make up my mind on which design I should order.

  3. This is the best idea ever! Not only useful, but fun, too. Kids are sure to love ‚em, right?

  4. Demnächst brauch ich dann auch mal welche … ganz bestimmt.

  5. WAY cute! I love the child in the stripy hat!

  6. ohhh so niedlich sind sie wieder ;)

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