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The „Mr. Nilsson shirt“

I bought this really nice fabric with the little lake, the trees and those animals on it already some time ago – and I loved to use it for the second try with my Bernina serger.

I’m really happy with the result: A cute shirt for my daughter. And as there is a tiny little monkey somewhere on the shirt – my daughter calls it her „Mr. Nilsson shirt“. And as she is such a huge Pippi Longstocking fan – it wasn’t easy to persuade her to take it off again :-)

The shirt is my own design. There are some things concerning that shirt which aren’t perfect – but those are the details which help me learn to get better. And in general – I like the shirt a lot:


The wonderful pear and the cute apples are again from Lorelei.

Veröffentlicht am 13 Kommentare

13 Gedanken zu „The „Mr. Nilsson shirt“

  1. Beautiful combination of fabrics, beautiful shirt :o)

  2. Oh, ich liebe das Shirt! Super Stoff- Kombi und es steht ihr sooo gut!
    Was meine Früchte anbetrifft: ich werd`gleich rot O:))… DANKE!

    (Es gibt sie bald übrigens auch in anderen Farben, muss nur noch die Bilder runterladen).

    glg Lorelei

  3. Oh wie schön…..ich will auch eins ;o)!!!!

  4. oh, your daughter seems to be a quite inspired model. loving the poses!
    and the shirt\’s colour combinations are lovely!

  5. Very cute shirt!

  6. That is such a fabulous shirt, absolutely beautiful!! And what a super sweet little girl! I think there is no such thing as imperfection when it comes to making such lovely items out of love. :)

  7. großartigst!!!

  8. beautiful work as always!!
    happy new year to you!

  9. Wow. I just found your blog and I’m in love. You have such a treasure trove here. I have a new blog that features little handmade goodies for children and will be linking to your robot softie tutorial on Monday. Thanks!

  10. Oh, wie schön! Den Stoff mit den Tieren und Teichen habe ich auch noch liegen…
    Schönen Gruß
    Mara Zeitspieler

  11. Oh wie süss!!! Also beides Shirt und die kleine Maus im Shirt ;-)

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