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Wunderwunderschöne Puppen und Tiere und Kreaturen! / Wonderful dolls and softies and creatures!

(Rotkäppchen made by Nici/Pop.Cut)

The most beautiful and amazing dolls and softies – the craziest and funniest creatures… are without any doubt those made by my customers! :-) I love seeing the results of your work and I’m looking forward to have a wonderful and creative 2014 with you!
I will continue to show fotos of your work on Facebook and you can also upload them yourself on flickr – have a look at both sites and become inspired!

Die schönsten Puppen und Kuscheltiere und verrücktesten Kreaturen sind ganz ohne Frage die – die meine Kunden gestalten, nähen, …


Weekend Sale / Wochenend-Sale

RevoluzZza is celebrating 4000 sold product on DaWanda this weekend with a SALE:
15% discount on ALL RevoluzZza tutorials!
And thank you Dawanda für recommending Revoluzzza’s products on your Homepage!

An diesem Wochenende gibt es nochmal 15% Rabatt auf alle revoluzZzionären Produkte bei DaWanda – schlagt zu, den nächsten Sale gibt’s erst zu Nikolaus :-)
Und danke, Dawanda, dass Ihr unsere Produkte auf Eurer Startseite empfehlt!

Work in Progress: Robot/Roboter

Sometimes it’s interesting to have a look behind the scenes. Today I show you what has to happen to get such a cute little robot friend:

Manchmal ist ein Blick hinter die Kulissen einfach nett. Drum zeige ich hier mal, was passieren musste, damit Lilith diesen süßen Roboter in ihren Armen halten konnte:

Everything starts with a sketch on my computer:

Bei mir beginnt immer alles mit einer Skizze am Computer:

And then: Print the sketch, cut it out, pin it on the chosen fabric, cut the fabric, neat the edges, decorate it…

Dann wird die Skizze …

RevoluzZzionary Robots / RevoluzzZionäre Roboter

Finally ENO left his virtual life and became real: A real stuffed softie robot :-)

The truth is: Someone found him in a pile of broken black stones… far away in a deserted area in Siberia. He was brought to us and we coddled him up with a lot of engine oil. And he became a brave and strong robot – a real daredevil.

 And every night, when he falls asleep – he asks in a low voice: „Will I dream?“. And when you think: „Hm, that sounds familiar to me…“. That’s right: ENO is a cousin of HAL 9000

Little newborn robot baby

I promised it: More boys‘ stuff.

 So say ‚Hello‘ to Eno, the robot baby (little brother of the RevoluzZza felt robot). He is really friendly and funny and nice – as long as he isn’t hungry. So if you meet him? Feed him! :-)
Very soon you can see him and his brothers and sisters as robot softies.


(Oh, and you say „NewBORN robot?? Don’t be silly, robots aren’t born… they are built!“ Well, obviously there are some facts you don’t know so far :-)

To be continued….)…