Little newborn robot baby

I promised it: More boys‘ stuff.

 So say ‚Hello‘ to Eno, the robot baby (little brother of the RevoluzZza felt robot). He is really friendly and funny and nice – as long as he isn’t hungry. So if you meet him? Feed him! :-)
Very soon you can see him and his brothers and sisters as robot softies.

 Robot Eno

(Oh, and you say „NewBORN robot?? Don’t be silly, robots aren’t born… they are built!“ Well, obviously there are some facts you don’t know so far :-)

To be continued….)

3 Antworten auf “Little newborn robot baby”

  1. How cool is that?! I love your stuffed toys, they are so cute. I really appreciate seeing the boy stuff. As a mom of two boys, there just aren’t enough cute stuffed boy toys.

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