Softies Award

On Friday night the entry period for the 2nd Annual Softie Awards ended – and you really should have a look at those great and beautiful and special softies which are presented here: 2nd Annual Softie Awards at flickr.

And I’m proud that the mouse that I sewed for Lilith is shown on the Softies Central Blog.


By the way: If you are looking for great handcraft books that present special stuffed animals – you should have a look at these Softies books:

– Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals

– The Softies Kit: Instructions and Tools for Creating 15 Plush Pals


And: More boys stuff.
Or: stuffed monsters that like girls AND boys.

These two friends are for sure not the most courageous monsters in the world… but they have special skills that might make children (and even adults) happy.

Tamto has a music box in his tummy and he plays a very nice and sweet little melody to help kids to fall asleep or just make them dream:

Tamto - Musical Monster

And Maddo makes everyone laugh who looks at him. OK, I have to admit that he is a little bit crazy. But in a nice and friendly way:

Maddo - Crazy Monster

Both are the best companions for a nice and funny day – they like to play a lot of games and having adventures.
And when you fall asleep at night, Maddo tells a funny bedtime story and Tamto plays a lullaby.


The dark side…

I created so many nice and beautiful and kind and cute and sweet bunnies… that one day I realized it’s time for the KILLER-MONSTER-ZOMBIE-BUNNY. Because: Not every bunny can be cute – and every beautiful and good thing has also a dark side. Somewhere… hidden in the dark.

Say ‚Hello‘ to Godu and his cute and nice sister Lilia. Although they are sister and brother they are very, very different…

Angel and Monster Bunny

 So… be careful… :-)

For boys only!

I have to admit it: Most of my creations are for girls.
So I decided to concentrate more on boys stuff (more monsters and robots in the near future! :-))

 And here are some – for newborn baby boys :-)

Tom, Richard and Elwin:

Nice things for boys

>>> More boys stuff at my flickr-account

(Of course many of these revoluzZzionary creations are great for girls too :-) )