For boys only!

I have to admit it: Most of my creations are for girls.
So I decided to concentrate more on boys stuff (more monsters and robots in the near future! :-))

 And here are some – for newborn baby boys :-)

Tom, Richard and Elwin:

Nice things for boys

>>> More boys stuff at my flickr-account

(Of course many of these revoluzZzionary creations are great for girls too :-) )

6 Antworten auf “For boys only!”

  1. hi Suse
    these toys are really cute, you must continue to make them :D
    great work, keep doing that!
    hug Isabel

  2. Thank you so much, Isabel!

  3. I absolutely love your softies!! The shapes are great, the colours lovely and them all seem so fresh!

  4. Hi! I just discovered you on Flickr and love the things you make!!!
    Auf wiedersehen!

  5. These are fantastic you could do them in any colour too. I’m glad I found your blog will look in often, thanks for sharing.

  6. Ooohhh, makes me want to make something for my baby brother!

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