RevoluzZza goes L.A.

I’m very excited and happy about the fact, that I’m invited to join some of my RevoluzZza creatures to an exhibition in Los Angeles. Mr. Funky is organizing a show at the gallery Ghetto Gloss at the end of September this year. The theme is „creatures“ – and I LOVE it.

Alright, there is lot’s of work to do now :-)

BTW: Do you know „Mr. Funky“? She is an amazing artist and is creating „crochet stuffed animals and knit wear with retro 1920’s to 1970’s styling“. And her creations are really great –  have a look at her work at flickr. And she also made a very nice book about her work: Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful with photos of her animals, fashion accessories, caps and so on – all with patterns and instructions. It’s great, if you do crochet or are interested in crochet – you should really have a look at this book. Oh, and she even made caps for some celebreties: Christina Aguilera and Charlize Theron. And her work was published in many magazines. Well, just have a look at her website. It’s worth it! :-)

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  1. 21. Juni 2008 bei 22:08

    Congratulations, this is certainly something. And if it happens, I wish you and your folks the best time you can have. Well, and mind the exchange rate, it’s gonna be cheaper than Berlin, can’t it.

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