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Fashion Week Berlin: Fashion Reloaded

Another really interesting event during the Fashion Week Berlin: Fashion Reloaded #2 as a part of the International Event for Green Fashion

Creative people are meeting to swap clothes they don’t want anymore, work with them, print on them, interpret the stuff and the style new and so on. And as well very interesting workshops are happening:

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 23rd – more informations here: Fashion Reloaded

Fashion Reloaded ist ein Event, das im Rahmen des International Event for Green Fashion stattfindet. Hier treffen sich Kreative um an spannenden Workshops teilzunehmen, Klamotten, die man nicht mehr …

Fashion Week Berlin: Have a look!

Yesterday the Fashion Week Berlin started again – and there are really a lot of interesting people making interesting stuff. Like these – check them out: „Reanimation – Wiederbelebungsmaßnahmen“.

Gestern hat wieder die Fashion Week Berlin gestartet – und es gibt wieder jede Menge Interessantes zu sehen.
Das Projekt „Reanimation – Wiederbelebungsmaßnahmen“ hat ein ganz spezielles und interessantes Konzept entwickelt: Man spielt mit getragener Kleidung, die plötzlich von der Massenware zur zweiten Haut mit individueller Prägung wird – und per RFID-Chip sogar nachverfolgt werden kann.…


New Year – New Dress / Neues Jahr – neues Kleid

The Berlin Fashion Week is starting soon again – and I’m selling my things in a shop where people who visit the Fashion Week often go, too. So I’m working on yome nice dresses for kids. Last year I saw some really nice hand printed fabrics – and I already tried that from time to time but never had a real idea how to use it (btw – if you ever want to try that too – this is a great book: „Printing by Hand“ ). I really love the unique results you get when you print by hand – …


Dress revoluzZzionary! (2)

Here is another revoluzZzionary dress with the same pattern (actually I made many dresses already with that pattern, but I don’t like them enough to show them :-) ).

I realized that there is a trend in Germany and elsewhere to mix many, many fabrics so that the kid’s clothes get very multi-colored. That’s really nice – but actually I want my dresses to be just the opposite. Few fabrics, few different colors and maybe a simple – a really simple – application.

And this dress is my favorite revoluzZzionary one so far:


Dress revoluzZzionary!

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a revoluzZzionary little friend (like a monster or a cat or a bunny…) – sometimes you really have to dress revoluzZzionary, too! And to make that happen:  Girls get revoluzZzionary dresses now.

It took some time for me to develop a pattern that I really like – it should be very simple (as I like a simple and plain style) and very comfortable to wear. To add a bit girlishness I use a different fabric/color for the upper part of the body – that reminds a bit of the empire dress style …

Pirates and a cute Whale/Piraten und ein niedlicher Wal

And again: Pirates, pirates everywhere! And a cute little whale: Whale Wally who is the best friend of pirate Piet. His eyes are tiny little stiched flowers – and he is strong enough to carry a pacifier. And because of that his job is being a pacifier keeper. Good boy :-)

Und mal wieder: Piraten, Piraten überall! Und ein süßer kleiner Wal: Wal Wall ist der beste Freund des frechen Piratenjungen Piet. Seine Augen sind klitzekleine gestickte Blumen – und er ist stark genug, um einen Schnuller zu tragen. Drum ist es sein Job, eine Schnullerkette zu …