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Clothes make the RevoluzZza

I always wanted to create RevoluzZza t-shirts – but as usual this plan needed time to realize it. First I had to argue with my son about the pirate motif – for he thought that the pirate captain was to fat and wanted a thinner one… or the sword wasn’t right and so on and so on. Yes – that’s my hardest critic: my son.

Finally we could agree on a pirate captain and a sword and everything – but the first order at the company that printed the shirts wasn’t right… and now… finally… here they are: The first RevoluzZza t-shirts – that even my son likes :-)
And he was the one that chose the colors – I really thought the green pirates would be a little bit… TOO green (his favorite colors are green and black). But now I think: He made a great choice.

Lilith’s shirt is of course also a RevoluzZza shirt – it says: „Fortune favors the brave“.

And here is another RevoluzZza shirt –  with a RevoluzZza monster climbing on the Fernsehturm Berlin Alexanderplatz like King Kong:

I have a shop now at spreadshirt: Wanna buy a RevoluzZza shirt? Do it here! Right now the shop is in German and delivers only in Europe – and Island and Japan. I think, sooner or later I have to look for another company.

Well, and here you can see how happy people are who wear RevoluzZza shirts – and how gentle and kind they get :-)