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Everybody has secret desires…
This is the little monster Lånifi… and her secret desire is: stealing BUTTONS! Such a naughty monster!

Whenever you want to put clean sheets on your bed and you realize there is a button missing on the pillowcase… you can be sure: It was Lånifi who stole it.
Or is there a pretty button missing on your new cardigan? Surely Lånifi was there and snipped the button off.

She has a HUGE collection of stolen buttons.


Today I caught her in the act while she wanted to steal buttons from my daughter’s new blouse! Nasty monster!
Of course she didn’t want me to take photos of her – so I had to be a bit nasty, too.
I took her stolen buttons and told her, I would only give them back to her if she would let me take some photos…


And I have to admit: Even though she is a real rascal – I really like her a lot :-)