The Pippi Bag

After I made so many stuffed animals… I really liked to create something different. I didn’t make any bags for quite some time – so I thought it would be great to make some more bags.

This is one I made for my little daughter who just started to go to the kindergarten – and needed a kindergarten bag. She is a huge Pippi Longstocking fan. Sometimes when we ask her what her name is – she even answers: „I am…. PIPPILOTTAAA!“ (Remember? Pippi Longstockings whole name is: Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraimsdaughter Longstocking :-) ).

Well, so it has to be a Pippi Longstocking bag for my daughter.

It’s made out of a lot of different fabrics outside and inside – just as Pippi Longstocking would like it :-).

On the back I stitched Liliths name. Even when this is a Pippi Lonstocking bag – it’s still Lilith’s bag :-) .Pippi Longstocking Bag