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For a special project I needed new fabrics. (I will tell you more about that soon :-) )
I really love the fabric shop Frau Tulpe – but I wanted to try something new this time.

So I bought the first time at a online-fabric-shop I didn’t know so far  which is based in Berlin, Germany – and got AMAZING fabrics!

Check it out:! It’s absolutely awesome.
The stock is based in an old mansion near the Berlin Wannsee and run by an extremely nice lady. Have a look at her blog too.

Für ein spezielles …

Online fabric shops

A lot of people ask me where I get my fabrics – and many suggest that I would like to keep it as a secret as most crafters do – but: no, no problem :-)

Most of my fabrics I get at:

Viele fragen mich, wo ich meine Stoffe herbekomme – und einige glauben tatsächlich, dass ich diese Info …