Hani Hjärtegod


Working on more Flower Fairy dolls – this one is  Hani Hjärtegod.
She is a nice and funny girl who loves to sing and to work in the garden.
She lives with her sisters in a little red house surrounded by many, many flowers.

Every day Hani is walking with her watering can to the nearby lake – to bring water for all the flowers.
She has to go many times.
And as you can imagine, she is really tired every evening.
Sometimes one of her sisters is welcoming her with her favorite dish: Rice pudding with chocolate cream.

Working on…


… a new doll – a flower fairy – inspired by two dolls I made some years ago: Emmi Nilsdotter and Lale, the tulip girl.

I want to show you how long it takes and how many thoughts and sketches I spent on each of my dolls. And maybe you like to create your own special doll, too?

I think this doll shouldn’t have fixed clothes but should be almost naked (with cute little panties) with many, many beautiful dresses and skirts and blouses…


Not sure whether the hair is the blossom-head-part… or whether she should have hair plus an blossom…

She doesn’t even have a name so far – do you have a nice name for her?