Let’s sew a tree

Usually I avoid to use IKEA fabrics, because you see them everywhere and therefore i find them pretty boring. OK, there are some really classy plaid IKEA fabrics which I don’t want to miss.

And there is one new fabric at IKEA that is very, very nice – a bit retro style. But the pattern is very big so it’s difficult to use it except for curtains or bed linen. Well, I really had to buy this fabric because I like it so much – but we don’t need new curtains or bed linen :-)

Some days ago I had an idea and here is the tutorial. It’s really simple and the result is very decorative.

Let’s start:

1. Drive to IKEA and buy a piece of the fabric FREDRIKA with the cute trees on it:

2. Cut them out and neat the edges:


3. Decorate them – just as you like it. They look really nice even if you use them without extra decoration:


4. Put the two halfs one on another – face to face – and sew them together. Of yourse you have to leave a little opening to fill the wadding inside the tree. Finally you close the tree by hand with the blind stitch:


And – that’s it!


You can hang the tree into a window, use it as a decoration or even as a pillow.

If you sew your own IKEA fabric tree: Leave a link to your work! I’m very curious :-)

Create your own revoluzZzionary Easter Bunny

It’s rainy and bad weather here in germany – so we did some Easter handcrafts with the kids. If you wanna to – here is all you need.

That’s how it works:


Just print this pdf:


Or this gif:


Cut it out:


And be creative… paint, sew… whatever you want :-)

My kids did this:


And I did that:


Have fun!