Once upon a time… / Das Jüngste der 7 Geisslein

… there was a goat mom who had to get their kids some food and leave them alone for awhile. She warned their children against the bad wolf who might come and try to convince the goat kids that he was their mom so they would open up the door and he would for sure eat all the cute goat children.
Well, and as a matter of fact – the goat mom was right. When she had left – the wolf was able to convince the kids to open up the door. They tried to hide and escape – but the wolf detected each little goat kid and ate it alive.

Only the youngest goat child survived as it was hiding in a long case clock. And although it was the smallest of the seven goats – and the weakest and so very anxious: Together with its mom it was able to save their siblings and all together fought the bad wolf.

Do you know that old German fairy tale? Well, if not: Now you know the youngest goat:


3 Antworten auf “Once upon a time… / Das Jüngste der 7 Geisslein”

  1. Very often I go to see this site. It very greatly is pleasant to me. I am delighted after reading this.

  2. wunderschön!
    das jüngste schaf gefällt mir richtig gut!
    liebe grüße von susa

  3. äh, geisslein! sorry!

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