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Oh, what a day…


Didn’t you know that? Well, if you didn’t and you are in or near Seattle: You have to find out. Because today is the day when Seattle – once again – is taken over by beautiful, strange, sweet, scary… just amazing plush creatures.

It’s the day when the one and only Plush You! Show starts:

„Plush You! opens for the sixth year at Schmancy, Nancy and Fancy in downtown Seattle! Plush You! is an annual exhibit featuring over 100 plush artists from around the globe.

The opening reception attracts fans from around the world and is the best party we have all year! Hundreds come out to enjoy the plush creations ranging from the cute to the creepy. The work featured in this show attracts adults and kids alike and shows a whole new world of stuffed art.

Please join us for the opening reception on October 8th from 5:00 to 9:00pm. The show runs for a month, ending on November 11th. This year, Plush You! will be featured in Seattle Magazine!

YAY come join us! „

1932 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA
And of course you will find some RevoluzZzionary creatures there too (already the third time)!
Two absolutely brand new members of the RevoluzZza family:

Frida Fox and her adoptive child George Goose who she saved from her neighbour’s pan – a sad and thrilling story with a very happy ending (including a bike race, 1000 crocodiles, a pink river and Justin Timberlake – yes, he is always everywhere…). You really should invite Frida and George and let them tell the story, it’s worth it. Make sure that you have a cup of hot chocolate for the boy and a hot milk with a bit Amaretto for the mom – that’s making them talkative.

and one of the RevoluzZzionary Christmas elfs:
Tomte, the Christmas Wichtel (a Wichtel is something like a little dwarf or elf who brings the children their Christmas gifts in Northern Europe).And to say thank you to thelittle Christmas Wichtel for thenice presents the childrencook a Christmas porridge (because this is Christmas Wichtel ‘s favorite food)und put it near the front door where the Wichtel will findit when people are asleep.

Tomte is a bit early this year but only because he overslept the last 3 Christmas celebrations and wanted to be sure to be right on time this year.

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  1. love the fox one really nicely made :D

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