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Anouk, the Winter Girl / Anouk, das Wintermädchen


It’s obvious: Anouk lives somewhere in the north of our earth and she loves it when it’s cold and snowy outside.

Actually she lives on a small island in the Finnish Lake Inarijärvi. This huge lake is located north of the Arctic Circle and it’s so cold there, that the freezing period is usually from November to June! And as you can imagine – people who live there have to have a warm heart to stay happy. And that’s exactly what Anouk has: A warm and loving heart.

You can get her in my Dawanda shop – or in a new shop I’m selling my stuff in Hanover:
Rike Winterberg
Shop & Atelier
Kramerstr. 4
30159 Hannover

And to add something personal: The cap Anouk is wearing is inspirated by a cap I owned as a child and loved so very much! Isn’t that cap just amazing? :-)


Veröffentlicht am 3 Kommentare

3 Gedanken zu „Anouk, the Winter Girl / Anouk, das Wintermädchen

  1. I love Anouk! She is so beautiful…

  2. Eine wunderschöne Puppe, irgendwann werden wir auch eine besitzen (oder auch mehrere ;-))! An den Photos sieht man wie ähnlich Dir Deine Kinder sind, kommen wohl 100% nach der Mama :-).

  3. Also Deine Puppen sind wirklich zuckersüß :-D Hast Du auch schon männliche Puppen fabriziert?

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