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Fido the fox /Fido, der Fuchs

Besides cats my favorite animals are foxes (bunnies aren’t my favorites – I’m only making them because they are my daughter’s favorite animals. As a child I had a huge super cute bunny called „Willy“ who died because of a sad accident – and for my daughter this bunny is like the godfather of all bunnies and his story is told several times a week „Hasi Willy who was a brave bunny and fell on a stone and died…“. And every bunny I’m making is a brave „Hasi Willy“ :-)).

Renart the fox, drawn by Ernest Griset, from a children's book published in 1869. This image (or other media file) is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.
Renart the fox, drawn by Ernest Griset, from a children's book published in 1869. This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

But foxes I really like. In fairy tales and children’s songs they are usually the „black sheep“ of the forest animals, a mean and devious one who steals and kills from behind. But he is not just devious – he is also very smart. Most of you remember Reineke Fuchs/Rénert the Fox. Well, he is surely not someone you want to be friend with, not a fair player at all – but in the end he is the one who wins :-)

Today people know that foxes aren’t devious or mean at all – but they are amazing animal that care very good about their kids (there is a very nice story about a fox mother who were fighting for her caught cub written by Ernest Thompson Seton).

I always wanted to make a RevoluzZza fox – and now I finally did it. And I really like him: Fido the fox. As it’s pretty cold outside he is wearing a  hand knitted scarf – and that’s special because I really cannot knit very good. Actually scarfs are the only things I can knit :-)


I hope you like Fido the fox, too – as I plan to create some fox siblings for him. He will be available in my shop next week.


Veröffentlicht am 13 Kommentare

13 Gedanken zu „Fido the fox /Fido, der Fuchs

  1. Wouhaw!!! He is so so cute!! I really love it!!

  2. Great work! Really excellent!

  3. Der ist zum Verlieben!

    LG, Schildi

  4. Hannah hat sich im Kindergarten in der Eulen-Gruppe den Fuchs als Motiv ausgesucht. Noch smarter konnte ihre Wahl nicht sein. ;-) Und „Schlaufuchs“ oder „fuchsig“ sind ja nun auch nett gemeinte Begriffe.

    Und Dein Fuchs ist großartig! Das Gesicht ist Dir supergut gelungen, sehr sympathisch!

  5. Thank you, danke :-)

  6. Genial!!! :) (Warn mich mal vor, bevor Du Fido in den Shop packst. ;-) )

  7. ohh how nice trust the fox!
    and his little scarf … irresistible!

  8. fido ist sooooo knuffig, ein süsser kleiner kerl.

    liebe grüsse eve

  9. he is adorable, I love foxes too because they remind me of my grandfather, he had a family of town foxes that would come and visit him at night. he would set up all kinds of obstacles for the fox to work out before they could get the food, he would sit and wait for her to come so he could see how she would do!

  10. ganz ganz toll…. ich bin, wie immer, begeistert:)

  11. Sehr süß, dein kleiner Fuchs!!!

    Liebe Grüße


  12. Absolutely darling. I’ve always had an affection for foxes! They’ve got spunk and style! Your creations always capture the essence of your subject. Brilliant! Jenn @

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