Let’s Sew… a RevoluzZzionary Easter Bunny


Last year I uploaded that pattern to create a simple Easter Bunny – and many of you made so wonderful and amazing Easter Bunnies! Some made them out of paper, many sewed really cute bunnies. And so I decided to take the bunny from last year (only made a few modifications)  and sew two different versions by using the same pattern: a very simple version and another one with arms and legs and a more detailed face. The simple version is really very easy – absolutely perfect for beginners. And the other version is only a tiny little bit more  fiddly – but not really difficult.

And hey, next weekend its already Easter – so hurry up :-)

First download the >>> RevoluzZzionary Easter Bunny pattern and print it – cut it out, chose your fabric, pin the pattern on the fabric and cut out:


Simple Easter Bunny:

When you want to stitch the face of your bunny on a fabric it’s good to iron some  interfacing on the inner side of the fabric:


Now make your little bunny a unique face – maybe some cute cheeks, maybe Miffy-like pout. Whatever your like. And you could give your bunny a heart now :-)


Before you sew the front and back of your bunny together, you serge the bottom of the bunny – where you will close it later with a blind stitch. And then: pin the front and the back together – of course the outside in. Sew the parts together and cut the parts between the ears and on the neck. Then serge everything:


And now the most exciting part comes: Turn your bunny inside out!


That’s it! Now you fill your bunny with doll wadding, use a shop stick for the ears and close your new friend with a blind stitch.

This cute bunny is perfect for Easter decoration – but it’s also perfect as a toy for babies. It’s perfect for little hands to grab it. And it gets even more exciting for babies when you put a rattle in the bunny tummy.
When I started sewing for kids about 3 years ago – my first best sellers were pretty simple bunnies (I called them Ladus) which were resembling this simple bunny. And I sewed to ribbons between the ears to tie them to a baby bed. And I filled the bunny tummy with lavender which has a very positive impact on babies. And you can even put a musical box inside this bunny and make it a wunderful and unique musical cuddly toy.

OK, that was really easy. Now try the other version.

Easter Bunny Toy:

Use the same pattern as before for the body and cut the arm and legs pattern as well. If you want a felt face – cut that one too.

Sew the felt face on the bunny – of your machine doesn’t have that special quilt stitch you can as well use a zic zac stitch or whatever you like. Then stitch the cute face just the way you like it. If you don’t want a smiling mouth – the Miffy-like mouth looks also super cute on a felt face.



Now pin the the arms and legs outside in, sew them together, serge the edges, turn them inside out and will them with doll wadding. Use a shop stick to reach all parts of the arms and legs.



OK, now it’s getting serious :-)

Some handcrafters pin now already everything together: the front and back of the body together with the arms and the legs. That’s fine but I don’t do it that way.

First I serge the edges where I will close the body later with a blind stitch. Then I mark with a vanishing pen the points where I want my arms and legs.


I pin front and back of the body together, insert the first arm and – start sewing. I insert the other arm short before I come to the point which I marked.



The same with the legs. Then I cut the parts between the ears and on the neck and serge the edges of the bunnie’s body with a zic zac stitch. This fixes the armes and legs additional – so brutal little kids won’t be able to amputate arms or legs from the cute bunny (well, as long as they are not TOO brutal :-) ).


Now again the exciting moment: Turning your new friend inside out.


Now you are almost finished. You only have to fill your bunny with wadding, close it with a blind stitch – and that’s it!

And when you really love your bunny – you make it some cute accessories – maybe a scarf? Or a felt collar like I did. If it’s a bunny boy, I’m sure he would like to have some nice pants. Or if it’s a bunny girl – what about a cute skirt? Or an apron? I’m sure there are many things that come to your mind :-)




And of course I would LOVE to see your RevoluzZzionary bunnies in the RevoluzZza flickr group – where I found just now the first little easter bunny (from my last year’s pattern). Super cute! :-)

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  1. These are so sweet! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. schöne anleitung
    klasse häschen

  3. Eine schöne Anleitung! Das müsste man doch eigentlich noch schnell schaffen bis Ostern, ein, zwei oder sogar drei Bunnies.

    Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank!

  4. ich muss doch noch nähen lernen ;-)!

  5. Thank you, Kimberly! Danke Andi und Schildi: Na klar, Häschen vermehren sich doch sowieso immer wie verrückt ;-)
    Fee: Und das geht janz einfach, wie Du siehst ;-)

  6. oh suse,schön das dir unser hase gefällt und das du ihn verlinkt hast.ich bin total im nähvieber..gestern habe ich den zweiten genäht und bis zu ostern werden es wohl noch drei weitere :)

    vielen dank für deine super anleitungen!!
    liebe grüße,

  7. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Easter.

  8. oberZUCKERsüß mal wieder :o)
    liebsten DANK für das tutorial!

    vorösterliche hasengrüße

  9. ach suse, wat biste doch für’n schatz! :)

  10. Ach Steffi – na, das höre ich gerne ;-)

  11. Thank you for being so kind to share!Happy Easter

  12. Super, vielen Dank! So einer wird vor Oster noch schnell genäht! :)
    Gruß von
    Mara Zeitspieler

  13. Cool tutorial. Really cute bunnies. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share it with the internet crowd.

  14. Thanks .. I cant wait to try this out!! You ROCK!!

  15. OH MY WORD! Adorable! I will definitely be making these for my girls!

  16. Supercoole Idee!! Danke für die Anleitung!!

  17. Thank you for this! It’s really sweet. I will add it to my list of someday projects…
    (and I think the word you were searching for is interfacing)

  18. I love them both. The polka-dotted cheeks on the green one are particularly cute! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Vielen Dank für die tolle Anleitung!
    Musste natürlich auch sofort ein Häschchen nähen! Es wird am Sonntag im Osternest sitzen ;-)
    Fotos in meinem Blog!
    Liebe Grüße und sonnige Ostern,

  20. Suse, ich danke Dir!
    Zwei werden verschenkt, zwei haben die Kinder (fast) selbstgenäht und einer gehört nun dem Mann im Hause :o)

    Einen lieben Gruß und die besten Hasenwünsche von

  21. liebste suse,
    vielen dank für deine anleitung, hier wurden auch einige verschenkt…

    soooo schön!
    danke, danke, danke & schöne ostergrüße!

  22. Beautiful! The English word for vlieseline is interfacing. Hope that helps when you do some more tutorials.

  23. Lovely idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Hello from Russia!
    My English is very bad, sorry!
    Your ideas are amazing!
    Thank you for your gold hands!
    I will necessarily try to repeat this.

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  26. I love your softies. I put these sweet bunnies on my blog and linked it back to you.

  27. Thank you for the tutorial!! Very nice softies!!!

  28. danke liebe suse – das ist soo cool von dir …



  29. thank you so much for publishing this tutorial! I love it!

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  34. Hi, Thanks for the recipe/the pattern of rabbit.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial.
    I’ve tried to sew a bunny some days ago, a friend of mine saw it and asked me if she could keep it. Now everyone wants one of these bunnies :-)))

  36. Thank you for sharing, lovely idea!

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  38. These bunnies are delightful. I can’t wait to make them for my grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern and the tutorial!

  39. This little bunny is so cute, makes you smile. Thank you for sharing

  40. Hi there! I love this idea…it’s so darling…and I was hoping that you might add it to my Easter and Spring Linking Party to share with my readers. If you are interested, you can go here http://bakedbyjoanna.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-linking-party.html to enter. Thanks!

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  42. Thanks to your tutorials, I made bunnies for my kids for Easter this year — danke!


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  44. Thanks for the great tutorial! I made 2 bunnies and adapted the pattern for a robot for a set of birthdays this month! You can see them on my blog: http://ejewelrydesigns.blogspot.com/2011/10/two-bunnies-and-robot.html?spref=fb

  45. Thanks for the tutorial. I found the instructions really easy to follow and had my little bunny ready for my best friends daughter in one afternoon. Brilliant.
    Pics are uploaded on the Revoluzzza group on flickr.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Want to try a fox next…

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  47. Thanks again, just made my second bunny- Jetson- he likes space.
    Photos are uploaded on flickr.
    Your patterns are so brilliant- I love making them!

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