Give it away now!

For free – giveaways for RevoluzZza costumers :-)

buttons - batches

Unbezahlbar – Giveaways für RevoluzZza-Kunden :-)

buttons - batches

3 Antworten auf “Give it away now!”

  1. hello,
    and you are welcome:)
    I hope it is ok that I used your photos, I did not even ask. If you would like me to acknowledge you or someone else I’d be more than happy to.
    I really like your crafting! Keep it up.
    All the best.

  2. those are really great.
    Ilove all your work, too, great colours!

  3. ..well, my dear Suse, what can I say, you’re always able to surprise me with your lovely, adorable creations…a big, big kiss from me and Federica to you and your sweet 2treasures..! ;o)****

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