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RevoluzZzionary Autumn Girls / RevoluzZionäre Herbstmädchen

Already some time now we have two (or more?) companies like Spoonflower in Germany, too.
One of them is stoff’n and Katja Locke – the owner of stoff’n – invited all designers to take part in a contest with the topic „Autumn“ which will be featured at Dawanda from tomorrow on. You can vote there for your favorite autumn fabric – and I would be happy if you would like and vote for the RevoluzZza fabric: The RevoluzZzionary Autumn Girls :-)

Seit einiger Zeit gibt es endlich auch in Deutschland zwei (oder mehr) Anbieter wie Spoonflower in …


Monday is RevoluzZzionary Fabric Day / Montag ist revoluzZzionärer Stofftag

Monday is always a special day: The day to start into a new – hopefully really good, creative and exciting – week. My blog friend Tanja has a really good way to start the week – she is presenting creative and inspiring projects she finds on the internet: Have a look and enjoy and get inspired!.

And to give you some RevoluzZzionary inspiration I will present every Monday from now on one of my favorite fabrics. I hope you like it and feel free to leave links in your comments to show your favorite fabrics!

Have a creative week!…


RevoluzZza fabric (2) /RevoluzZza-Stoff (2)

Thank you all so very much for your comments and responses – they really helped me a lot and it was very encouraging and interesting to read them all!

And I actually took your advice and together with Linda from we finally decided to have the „Red Riding Hood“ fabric produced. And I can tell you: I’m SUPER excited!

From now on the only thing I can do is: Wait. The production  process will take quite some time. I will keep you posted!

And in the meantime you can enjoy looking and buying beautiful Volksfaden organic fabrics – and …


RevoluzZza fabric /RevoluzZza Stoff

As I studied Fine Arts and Illustration and worked as an Illustrator and a Designer a long time before I started to make dolls and things like that – I always thought about making my own fabric. And as there are only a few nice organic kid’s fabrics – I knew it had to be an organic fabric for children.
So I made a lot of research and got a bit scared of the whole thing as it’s a huge investment and I weren’t sure which company to pick and so on and so on. And recently I got the …



One of my all time favorite online fabric shops is Volksfaden. You can find there a wide range of amazing and very special fabrics. And besides all those great designer fabrics you also  find really wonderful organic fabrics – and since I decided to use mostly organic fair trade fabrics I’m always glad to find those.

My favorite organic fabrics are from Cloud9 (Volksfaden is the only German shop that sells those wonderful fabrics from the US – but you can find them world wide already) and the Volksfaden fabrics (as Volksfaden is not only selling fabrics …


A new dress and an apple

I started this year by buying something really nice: A brandnew and phantastic Bernina overlock sewing machine/serger. I already sewed some cute dresses for my daughter with my Pfaff sewing machine – and although I really liked the results, I was always aware that I would need a serger soon.

And now I’m learning to work with my wonderful new serger – and it’s really true (like many told me): It’s much easier to work with a serger than you might think.
I’m not a fan of buying patterns and working after them – this is cutting back my creativity …